Important News

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New routes for waste collection start on August 1, 2017.   Recycling will be on Thursdays.   Contact Town Hall if you have questions or have no received your waste receptacles.  

Be on the lookout for our upcoming Movie in the Park summer series! 

Movie in the Park Series “Beauty & the Beast”  – August 19, 2017 at 8:30 PM at the Newport Community Park

Yoga starts on  5:30 pm in the Community Building on Tuesdays and  9AM on Saturdays.       Fees can be paid on site.   Get in shape for the summer!  

Newport Community Festival – September 9, 2017 featuring Touch a truck, hands on demostrations, performing arts, living history demostrations, old school games, and mini food truck rodeo.   Time:   10AM to 2PM


Please call or email Kathy Jo Buttery for more information on any of the activities listed above    252-223-4749 or


 Looking for things to do in Newport –   check out the Events section for great activities.