Welcome to Newport, NC - The Town with Old-Fashioned Courtesy
Planning & Inspections


Bob Chambers - Chief Building Inspector/Town Planner

PO Box 1869
200 Howard Blvd.
Newport, NC 28570
Business line:
                        Phone: 252-223-3733

Our hours of operation are from 8:00 a.m. Until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

We strive to provide timely plans review, issuing permits and providing inspections. We try to give one day service for residential and small commercial projects. It is your responsibility to call for all required inspections. Don't assume that a small building project does not need a permit such as a small utility shed. It is best to call and ask rather than be inconvenienced and possibly fined for a building or zoning violation. All areas of the town are "Zoned" which means that there are size and setback from property line requirements.

For large commercial projects, there is a pre-permit site plans review with key department heads and a representative of the project. We will be looking at the zoning ordinance, environmental land use plan and any other ordinances that may apply to the project.

The Town of Newport is a small town with a small budget therefore, it is common to find our employees and department heads performing multiple tasks. In this case the Chief Building Inspector is also the Zoning Administrator, Town Planner, GIS Supervisor, Chief Housing Officer, Fire Inspector. The Administrative assistant to the Planning and Inspections Department serves as the Customer Relations Supervisor and Recreation Facilities Director. The Customer Service Technician (Water System Meter Reader) serves as GIS Technician, and Computer systems Tech., nuisance ordinance abatement officer and housing inspector.

The Inspections Department enforces the North Carolina State Building Codes for building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire, and minimum housing. The Building Code is uniform through out the state and is not amended by any local city or county.

All Building Inspectors must be certified by the State of North Carolina licensing board for the level and type of work he is inspecting.

North Carolina Law requires that a building permit be issued for any structural building or alterations to a residential house, shed, etc., or commercial buildings or alterations regardless of the value of work. Permits are not required for minor repairs or alterations that does not exceed a dollar value of $5,000 per job. A permit is required for all electrical, plumbing or mechanical work except minor repairs.

A licensed contractor is required for any construction that exceeds $30,000 per contract. A licensed contractor is required for any electrical, plumbing or mechanical work beyond minor repairs.

The Home Owner may do all construction work to his own house or property so long as he lives at the property without being a licensed contractor and if he is building his house, he must not sell or offer to sell the property for a year from the date of the Certificate of Occupancy.

Any work done by the unlicensed property owner may be required to prove to the Building Inspector prior to issuing the building permit that he is familiar with the NC Building Code and competent to do the work. If this is you, we might question your ability.