Parks and Recreation


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The significance of parks and the benefits they offer is often over looked yet we know that parks have positive impacts on quality of life. Parks play a critical role in one's overall physical and psychological health as well as help to strengthen a community.  Another asset to having a park in the community is to help decrease the epidemic of obesity in society. Parks emphasize the importance of physical activity and its benefits and provide a community with a diverse range of recreation opportunities. Parks can also provide social and economic benefits by providing a common area of interest for residents to engage in socialization and participate in recreational activities with others.  Further, well planned parks can increase local tourism through special events and celebrations.

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Recreation Advisory Commission

The mission of the Newport Recreation Advisory Commission is to promote and create, in partnership with the Town of Newport and affiliated association volunteers, recreational opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages through support for open spaces, parks, cultural activities, programs and facilities while striving to increase the social, cultural and physical well-being of participants as well as foster a strong sense of community.

(Adoped by the Newport Recreation Advisory Commission August 22, 2013)

Members as of January 2019

  • Brittany Winslow  (Co-Chair)
  • Richard Baylis
  • Kathy Jo Buttery (Staff)
  • P.K. Johnson
  • Terra M. Boyd
  • Matt Shortway
  • Bernice Wooten
  • Tiffany Prichett (Chairperson)
  • Mark Eadie (Town Council Assigned)

To read the Newport Parks Master Plan from 2016, click HERE